soul. newest isn't always best.

In Intangible aspects of design

I guess you can say I am a young(ish) guy with a bit of an old school viewpoint. I have a very modern aesthetic but I value history, authenticity, and my grandpa’s ideal of “If you are going to do something, do it right.” My dad’s “measure twice, cut once” isn’t too bad either.

Because some things shouldn’t change with time.
Newest isn’t always best.

I like my current car, but it doesn’t hold a candle to my first car; 1964 Chevy Nova II. She was a boxy little 4 door, and I remember her with the same fondness as the first time I “noticed” a girl in grade school. Yeah I had to fix her most weekends so I could drive during the week, but that’s part of it.

Some things seem to have a soul don’t they?

I believe some of our spaces can have these same characteristics. Have you ever been in a space that just “felt right” or was intriguing even if you couldn’t express why? These intangible ideas are always swirling around in my head as I design. I’d love it if the spaces and objects I create might someday be thought of in a similar way. I tend to get most excited combining a crisp modern space with a gritty found object with a past. I like texture and contrast; they generally result in a space that feels as if it has a story.

…and who doesn’t like a good story?

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